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Sunday, August 30, 2009
Looking 4 The KLF

I haven't plugged my remix of Pop Inc's "Looking 4 The KLF" on here yet have I?

Well now I have.

Friday, August 07, 2009
Back up and running

After ISP problems and the unexpected intervention of some real life, I'm back up and running on the web page front. Nothing to report but there will be a few more snippets shortly.

Thursday, January 29, 2009
2008's best albums.

Better late than never, here is my finished list of my favourite albums of 2008. As I may already have raved about, it's a long list. I was discovering new albums at an average of one every two days, for the whole year. It all got a bit silly, and looking at the size of this list, I now know where all that money went. Come to think of it, it perhaps went beyond 'silly'. Maybe this is an addiction. However not many addictions sound as good as this one.
I've given up trying to throw in all the compilation albums and the re-issues that came out in 2008 (there were quite a lot of those too), so this list is limited to just artist albums.
This isn't just a top ten with a bunch of everything else listed underneath to make the list look big... At least the top 150 are all great albums, that I'll be listening to over and over again.
For people who don't know my music taste that well, you might be expecting this to be endless hours of "dum dum dum dum dum" as my Dad would say. Well it isn't. Honest. Well, some of it is, because I like that. But while I'm not making any claim to have genuinely diverse music tastes, I would like to point out that this list does contain several different styles. Yes there's a lot of breaks, electro, and drum & bass, but there's also more than one album from each of the worlds of folk, African roots, dubstep, hip-hop, skweee (that's a real genre you know) and even gentle-acoustic-female-singer-songwriter-music-for-women-with-headaches. 2008 was a great year for music. I'm also not ashamed to admit that "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood", Girls Aloud and Sugababes all make appearances.
If anything on the list catches your eye, e-mail me, as I'll happily talk about any of these albums.
  1. Sonny J "Disastro"
  2. Cuban Boys "The Satellite Junkyard"
  3. Midnight Juggernauts "Dystopia"
  4. Pendulum "In Silico"
  5. Rex The Dog "The Rex The Dog Show"
  6. Chumbawamba "The Boy Bands Have Won"
  7. Kraak & Smaak "Plastic People"
  8. Ellen Allien "Sool"
  9. Jacopo Carreras "From Bed To Couch"
  10. Ben Foster & Murray Gold "Torchwood Soundtrack"
  11. Herbaliser "Same As It Never Was"
  12. Infected Mushroom "Vicious Delicious"
  13. Slyde "Everybody's Entitled To Our Opinion"
  14. Amorphous Androgynous "Peppermint Tree and the Seeds of Superconciousness"
  15. Atomic Hooligan "Sex, Drugs And Blah Blah Blah"
  16. Ladyhawke "Ladyhawke"
  17. The Bug "London Zoo"
  18. Booka Shade "The Sun & The Neon Light"
  19. Andy Hunter "Colour"
  20. Plump DJs "Headthrash"
  21. Sparks "Exotic Creatures Of The Deep"
  22. Cassetteboy "Carry On Breathing"
  23. Ott "Skylon"
  24. Kidda "Going Up"
  25. Fort Knox Five "Radio Free DC"
  26. Black Dog "Radio Scarecrow"
  27. Winona "Rosebud"
  28. Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip "Angles"
  29. Leila "Blood, Looms and Blooms"
  30. Splitloop "Pleasure Machine"
  31. Mari Boine "It Ain't Necessarily Evil"
  32. Meat Beat Manifesto "Autoimmune"
  33. Venetian Snares "Detrimentalist"
  34. Skank Sinatra "Barcoded"
  35. Benga "Diary Of An Afro Warrior"
  36. Orb "Dream"
  37. Aaron Jerome "Time To Rearrange"
  38. Adam & Joe "Song Wars volume 1"
  39. Sasha "Emfire Collection"
  40. Deadbeat "Roots And Wire"
  41. Yage "The Woodlands Of Old"
  42. Murcof "The Versailles Sessions"
  43. Chase & Status "More Than A Lot"
  44. Asian Dub Foundation "Punkara"
  45. Moby "Last Night"
  46. Rennie Pilgrem "Skin"
  47. Presets "Apocalypso"
  48. Distance "Repercussions"
  49. Daedelus "Love To Make Music To"
  50. Bumblebeez "Prince Umberto & The Sister Of Ill"
  51. London Elektrikity "Syncopated City"
  52. Oceanlab "Sirens Of The Sea"
  53. Tujiko Noriko "Trust"
  54. Resonance Association "We Still Have The Stars"
  55. Tocadisco "Solo"
  56. Orb "BBC Sessions 1991-2001"
  57. Solarstone "Rain Stars Eternal"
  58. Japanese Popstars "We Just Are"
  59. David Holmes "The Holy Pictures"
  60. Alex Dolby "Psiko Garden"
  61. Digitonal "Save Your Light For Darker Days"
  62. Evil Nine "They Live!"
  63. Eat Static "Back To Earth"
  64. Last Step "1961"
  65. Junkie XL "Booming Back At You"
  66. Johann Johannson "Fordlandia"
  67. Thievery Corporation "Radio Retaliation"
  68. Suns of Arqa "Through The Gate We Go"
  69. Stereo MCs "Double Bubble"
  70. Murray Gold "Doctor Who Soundtrack Series 4"
  71. James Ruskin "The Dash"
  72. Hot 8 Brass Band "Hot 8 Remixes"
  73. T Raumschmiere "I Tank U"
  74. Squarepusher "Just A Souvenir"
  75. Portishead "Third"
  76. Pedro Inf "Pedro Inf"
  77. Neon Neon "Stainless Style"
  78. Grace Jones "Hurricane"
  79. Deakin Scott "Residential Evil"
  80. Cut Copy "In Ghost Colours"
  81. Max Tundra "Parallax Error Beheads You"
  82. Deadmau5 "Random Album Title"
  83. Melnyk "Revolutions"
  84. Hyper "Suicide Tuesday"
  85. Gnarls Barkley "The Odd Couple"
  86. Merka "Make & Do"
  87. David Arnold "Quantum Of Solace"
  88. Seelenluft "Birds And Plants And Rocks And Things"
  89. Mr Scruff "Ninja Tuna"
  90. Midfield General "General Disarray"
  91. Ladytron "Velocifero"
  92. Autechre "Quaristice"
  93. Girls Aloud "Out Of Control"
  94. Dan F "Rendition"
  95. Lützenkirchen "Pandora Electronica"
  96. Rico Tubbs "Knuckle Sandwich"
  97. Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid "NYC"
  98. Nneka "No Longer At Ease"
  99. Gang Gang Dance "Saint Dymphna"
  100. Anja Schneider "Beyond The Valley"
  101. Mike Monday "Songs Without Words"
  102. Hot Chip "Made In The Dark"
  103. Kloq "Move Forward"
  104. Whip "X Marks Destination"
  105. Goldfrapp "Seventh Tree"
  106. Roots Manuva "Slime And Reason"
  107. Michna "Magic Monday"
  108. Josh Gabriel "Eight"
  109. Black Ghosts "Black Ghosts"
  110. Ana Laan "Chocolate And Roses"
  111. A Toys Orchestra "Technicolor Dreams"
  112. A Human "Third Hand Prophecy"
  113. Ralph Myerz "Ralphorama"
  114. Matthew Herbert Big Band "There's Me, There's You"
  115. Sia "Some People Have Real Problems"
  116. Maher & Sousou Cissoko "Adouna"
  117. Fuck Buttons "Street Horrrsing"
  118. Lykke Li "Youth Novels"
  119. Andrew Weatherall "Vs The Boardroom"
  120. Monkey "Journey To The West"
  121. Bodysnatchers "Feeling Good, Looking Nice, Smelling Right"
  122. System 7 "Phoenix"
  123. Friendly Fires "Friendly Fires"
  124. Sigur Ros "Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust"
  125. Shortwave Set "Replica Sun Machine"
  126. Sasha "Invol2ver"
  127. Plastician "Beg To Differ"
  128. Mox "Early Ganglions"
  129. Dinky "May Be Later"
  130. Deadmau5 "At Play"
  131. Mrs Jynx "The Standoffish Cat"
  132. Sugababes "Catfights & Spotlights"
  133. Elevator Suite "The Remixes"
  134. Danny Byrd "Supersized"
  135. Logistics "Reality Checkpoint"
  136. Natural Self "The Art Of Vibration"
  137. Kilowatts & Vanek "Focus & Flow"
  138. UNKLE "End Titles- Stories For Film"
  139. Simian Mobile Disco "Sample And Hold"
  140. Quiet Village "Silent Movie"
  141. Moby "Last Night Remixed"
  142. Eero Johannes "Eero Johannes"
  143. Electronica Ghost Voice Phenomena "V / Night Time Ambience"
  144. Dido "Safe Trip Home"
  145. Hadouken "Music For An Accelerated Culture"
  146. Bomb The Bass "Future Chaos"
  147. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik "Eine Kleine Nacht Musik"
  148. Stereo MCs "Live At The BBC"
  149. Senor Coconut "Around The World"
  150. Orphidice "Coming Home"
  151. John Tejada "Where"
  152. Emiliana Torrini "Me & Armini"
  153. Nine Inch Nails "The Slip"
  154. Flying Lotus "Los Angeles"
  155. Psapp "The Camel's Back"
  156. Red Snapper "Pale Blue Dot"
  157. Guy J "Esperanza"
  158. Crystal Castles "Crystal Castles"
  159. Cadence Weapon "Afterparty Babies"
  160. Pascal Comelade "The No Dancing"
  161. Santogold "Santogold"
  162. Zombie Zombie "Land For Renegades"
  163. Three Daft Monkeys "Social Vertigo"
  164. Quivver "Dirty Nails And Vapour Trails"
  165. Miss Kittin "Batbox"
  166. Lange "Better Late Than Never"
  167. Pacific! "Reveries"
  168. Metronomy "Nights Out"
  169. Sebastian Tellier "Sexuality"
  170. Olli Collins "Counting Electric Sheep"
  171. Glimmers "Glimmers Are Gee Gee Fazzi"
  172. Cinematic Orchestra "Live At The Royal Albert Hall"
  173. Panda Bear "Person Pitch"
  174. Lone "Lemurian"
  175. Late of the Pier "Fantasy Black Channel"
  176. Crazy P "Stop Space Return"
  177. Alphabeat "This Is Alphabeat"
  178. Nightmares On Wax "Thought So"
  179. Grid "Doppelganger"
  180. AutoKratz "Down & Out In Paris & London"
  181. Luomo "Convivial"
  182. REM "Accelerate"
  183. Loco Dice "7 Dunham Place"
  184. Killing Joke "Rmxd"
  185. Chikinki "Brace Brace"
  186. Martina Topley-Bird "The Blue God"
  187. Teenagers "Reality Check"
  188. ASM & Skrein "Pre-Emptive Nostalgia"
  189. Padded Cell "Night Must Fall"
  190. Cure "4:13 Dream"

Monday, January 26, 2009
Best Children's Programme.

Hana's Helpline won the Best Children's Programme at last week's Broadcast Awards.

It's a convenient excuse for another bit of YouTube-linking, here's Ernie the eagle's 30 second rap video.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another of my music productions is on iTunes. The band's The Garland Cult, the album's "Glitterazzi" and track 9 is my remix of "All Good Things".

Support independent music. Especially mine.