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    As well as TV and film, Doon was part of the Radio 4 comedy show Wild Things, written by Smack The Pony co-writer Georgia Pratchett, and has also done theatre such as Excuses!, and co-adapting and starring in an upbeat and funny stage adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma.

    Doon also took part in the first series of Comic Relief Does Fame Academy. I think some Smack The Pony fans were disappointed at how seriously she took the whole thing; she was voted off about halfway through.

    She is an occasional guest at the Comedy Store.

    She says "the worst week of her life" happened after she appeared in the misunderstood Brass Eye paedophilia special.

    Doon is an incredibly keen swimmer, and swam the English channel in 1998- almost certainly the inspiration for the Smack The Pony sketch in which she plays... a cross-channel swimmer.

    Doon was born in Surrey but even at age 9 she realised she'd rather live in a small village called Upper Largo, near Fife. Genius! She's now undone that good work by moving back to Clapham, where she lives with her husband (sorry fellas) Patrick Barclay and two children.

    This biography cobbled together by Stuart Bruce

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