• UK edition
  • Australasian edition
  • Dutch edition

    UK edition

    The UK DVD is now available from various online shops, including Play.com. It's very reasonably priced at £9.99 so you have no excuse not to buy it (and no, I'm not on commission). The RRP is £12.99 if you prefer buying things the old-fashioned way involving shopkeepers and coins.

    As well as getting a version of the film with good picture quality, better than is found on the Dutch DVD, you get a handful of extra features- interviews with each of the three main cast members and the director Brian Grant, and a short Making Of featurette. You also get the original trailer, which is the same version as you can view online at the official site. The DVD also comes with a nice animated menu.

    The cast interviews are a little bit sketchy- no attempt has been made to put them in any particular order, and the cast seem to have been interviewed on-the-fly and seem quite tired, compared to other interviews they've done. The interview with Brian Grant has some interesting tidbits in it though. And of course it's worth buying, it's a great film!

    Australasian edition

    The Australasian DVD is now listed on HMV Australia with a release date of 3rd August. As far as I know this edition is the same as the UK edition, and has the same extra features, but with a different region stamp- so it will also include the interviews with key cast members and the director.

    HMV Australia shows a small thumbnail of the DVD's front cover:

    Dutch edition

    The first place I found Gladiatress to watch or buy was on an official Dutch DVD. It is region 2, PAL format. The picture quality is decent, watchable but not perfect. There are no extras.

    The sleeve is written in Dutch, but the film itself has the original English soundtrack with optional Dutch subtitles, so English language speakers can watch the film without distraction.

    Click here to see if it is currently listed on eBay.

    You can see some clips from this DVD on the clips page.

    It has also been pirated in Russia, with a slightly different cover (more white)- don't bother with that version.