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    We all know that when people read biographies, what they really want is a string of obscure and unconnected trivia, rather than a broad overview of somebody's career. But ignoring that for a second, Fiona is the 'serious actress' of the Smack The Pony team, with a CV that includes several serious dramas, a two-month stint on Coronation Street, and voicing the animated Wilde Stories.

    Besides Smack The Pony, Fiona was also prominent in Happiness, and has appeared in comedies including Goodness Gracious Me, Chef!. Other film roles include a part in the big screen adaptation of the Viz comic strip Fat Slags- which went straight-to-DVD in April 2005.

    Right, enough of that, on to the trivia. Fiona is the granddaughter of Harry Allen, the last Chief Executioner in England. (Don't believe me? Click here).

    Fiona is married (sorry fellas) to the son of TV chat show host Michael Parkinson, whose son is also called Michael (why do people do that?). Michael and Fiona have a daughter (called Michael?) who according to Fiona has a "mini Parky eyebrow which moves up when she smiles".

    In the late '80s Fiona worked the door on infamous Manchester nightclub the Hacienda, which is why she makes a brief appearance playing herself in the film 24 Hour Party People.

    Fiona can do tae-kwon-do, though I can't even spell it.

    This biography cobbled together by Stuart Bruce

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