Now that the film has had its DVD release it looks like there won't be much else happening in the world of Gladiatress, so updates to this site may be scarce, but here's a list of what's been updated and when.

14th September '05- you can now watch the trailer for Gladiatress at the official site in QuickTime format.

8th August '05- thanks to Jai Nelson for info about the new UK release of the film, with extra features. More info will be added to this site as soon as Amazon get around to delivering my copy...

10th July '05- thanks to Veronica McLoughlin for pointing out that as well as being released in the UK on 8th August, Gladiatress is getting released in Australia and New Zealand on 3rd August- HMV Australia sells it here.

8th May '05- online shop now lists a UK DVD release date of 8th August, at the bargain price of £9.99. Click here to see the listing and order it.

If you know anything about the film that isn't mentioned on this site, please e-mail me.