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    Like all good British actresses, Sally was born in Hong Kong. After doing stand-up comedy in the early 90s and some lesser-known TV shows such as Six Pairs Of Pants, her first major appearance was as Sophie the receptionist in the show I'm Alan Partridge. She was center-stage in Hippies alongside Simon Pegg and Julian Rhind-Tutt, and besides Smack The Pony there was also the nearly-serious lead role in 'romantic comedy drama' Rescue Me (the British one set around the self-obsessed staff of a womens' magazine, not the American series of the same name about New York firefighters starring Denis Leary).

    Besides that it's mainly been film appearances for Sally lately- including playing the love interest in Mean Machine, and appearing in Birthday Girl with Nicole Kidman, and both Bridget Jones movies.

    There've been a few setbacks though- Sally's scenes in Notting Hill were deleted, and Terry Gilliam's Don Quixote was abandoned before she even filmed her scenes.

    Some fans on the Internet seem unhappy with the 'rumour' that Sally is a born-again Christian- maybe because it messes up some of their one-hand fantasies, I don't know. Sally talks openly about her faith here. Oh and she is married, and has a first class degree in Italian from Oxford University, so let's face it your chances were slim anyway.

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