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This is the old version of my site. For the latest version please click here.

My music.

I have mostly given up on producing my own music in order to concentrate on remixes, producing and editing music videos, and DJing.

I have produced two tracks on the new album by Figaro, signed to Ninthwave Records in the US. I also produced three tracks on the first People In A Box album, "Digital Ignition", which is no longer available.

I've written lyrics for a song on the forthcoming Attery Squash album "Citation Needed".

I've done a couple of pieces of computer-game music, with a retro 80s sound to fit the gameplay, for games by David Williams. They are Flak II and Phroggy (which for some reason can't be linked to directly) and you can download them for free here.

Some of my old tracks, as well as the Christmas novelty record Scratch Christmas, were very minor hits on the old version of the website under the name Cuddlyjumper. These were removed at the end of 2003.

Remixes I've done.

These are all the official and proper remixes I've done. I have done one or two bootlegs but that's another story. There's some further information, images and links on my MySpace page.

Heaven 17. I was very proud to be asked to remix "I'm Gonna Fall In Love With You" from Heaven 17's "Before/After" album. My remix (DonQuibeats remix) was used on the US maxi CD, which you can buy from

Pop Inc. My 14-minute-long remix of "Looking 4 The KLF" by Pop Inc is available on iTunes and I'm working on a remix of their follow-up single.

Spray. I've remixed "Pretend Girlfriend" and "I'm Beginning To Think That People Don't Like Me", both of which are on the 2CD edition of the "Children Of A Laser God" album. Their web site is here.

The Garland Cult. After winning a remix competition for their track "All Good Things", I was asked to remix "Pity Party" and "Self Control" as well. The forthcoming remix album "Glitterazi" has my "All Good Things" remix and the "Pity Party" remix is available to download here.

The Cuban Boys. My remix of "Penthouse Messiahs" is on the 6-track CD single, available to buy direct from the band.

The Attery Squash. My remix of "Devo Was Right About Everything" is on the CD single and also available on iTunes.

Daz Sampson. I've remixed the Eurovision hero's version of "Jump".

People In A Box. As well as producing three tracks on their first album "Digital Ignition", I also produced two mixes of "Abandon" and a remix of "Child", both of which were used on their now-defunct site.

Kindred 3. I did a couple of strange-sounding radio versions of "Give It Away" that were on US promos distributed to radio stations.

I've also done remixes for unsigned acts and friends such as Overtone, Smothermadd, Rick Paul and Nelson McNelson.