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Most of my programming I've done at work, writing applications and tools to help out in the stop-motion studio, but I also dabble at home with less important stuff.

I mainly use BBC BASIC for Windows. It has a historical association with the 1980s BBC Micro computer but it's very functional and fast with full access to the Windows API. BB4W programs can look indistinguishable from other Windows software, although I'm usually happy to make my programs look like they were written in the 1980s. However this use of BB4W is why all this software is Windows only, though I have absolutely nothing against Macs myself.

You download any of this software at your own risk. These programs work for me but I can't accept any liability for any damage done by the mis-use of it, etc.

Scrabble Helper

Click here to download.

Yes- it's a cheat, and a fairly successful one, so you can beat your friends if they're just using normal anagram finders. A program that will list all the highest-scoring next possible moves in a game of Scrabble. Enter the existing board (you can load and save games so you don't have to keep doing this), enter what tiles are in your hand, click 'search' and away it goes.

It does work, but this program is not finished and certainly not polished. It's not quick. You'll have to copy it out of the zip file as it won't work straight from the .zip. There are no instructions and it might crash. However despite all this you may still find it useful if you're just sick of losing at Scrabulous.

If you do download and use it, I'd be interested in knowing how you get on with it, so please contact me if you do.


Click here to download.

A game for one player that again looks simpler than it is. Using your 'bat' on the left-hand side of the screen, which is mouse-controlled, you have to get the balls to bounce into the goal, without letting too many pass you.


Click here to download.

A simple but to some people very addictive line-based game. Control your yellow line and try to get it through the obstacles and past the moving blocks to reach the top of the screen.

This is based on a game I wrote when I was very young and spent playtimes indoors with a BBC Micro instead of eating worms. And that's why, to this day, I don't like the taste of worms.

HTML-based Timecode Calculator

Click here to run online.

A quick tool for performing timecode and frame-based calculations (for example 38 x 20f = 30s20f) in a browser without having to install any software. Useful if your edit software doesn't have its own calculator.

This uses the VisualBasicScript language that comes installed in certain versions of Internet Explorer, so it won't work for everybody. If you click 'Calculate' and nothing happens, it probably means that your browser doesn't have the language it needs. There's not a lot I can do to get past that, sorry.